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Being a reflection of God's Word Living God’s Word 10/08/2010 17:38
James 1: 22
Do not merely listen to the Word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

I remember a day when I did not have a Bible of my own though I was an adult and attending church regularly. I find this hard to believe for now my Bible is well-worn, with notes written in the margins, and I take it everywhere. Yet, I was raised in a home where my remembrance of the Bible was the special book that had a place of honor on a table in our home. I dusted it often as part of my chores. I recall that we were instructed by our parents to never put another book of any kind on top of it as that would be dishonoring to God. What I have no remembrance of is ever seeing anyone in my family actually pick up that particular Bible and read from it. It was an important book– the Good Book. We knew that we would hear stories from the Bible in church on Sundays and in our catechism classes. So it is no wonder that, when I finally did get my own Bible, I kept it in mint condition for a time, careful to not mar it in anyway. After my born-again experience, I began to devour the Bible as a hunger for what God says grew within me. That is when I began writing on the pages of my Bible, recording new understanding of His Word.

Scripture itself attests to the fact that God’s Word is living and active (Heb 4:12) and not just words on the pages of the Good Book. When we are born again from above, we are given a special grace by which we desire to dig deeper into God’s Word for a greater revelation of God Himself. We learn about His heart, His character, His desire for His people through all the ages……and come to find His desire is real for us too. Richly in God’s Word are His promises for those who know Him and share relationship with Him. Yes, God desires to be honored but He wants us to know Him and to experience Him. He wants us to dig into who He is in order to find out who we are to be! Through the Word of God we are being discipled to be the Word to this earth… Christ, the Word made flesh….the Word incarnate.

James knew the importance of experiencing God, not just in our hearts but by sharing Him with others as “doers” of the Word. As children we were taught that “actions speak louder than words”….and so it is with God’s Word. When we take His Word seriously and allow it to direct our every day actions, we witness who He is in such a way that others will come to know Him too. God is more than a book to be kept on a table. God’s presence is ours to carry into the world everywhere we go! Do not be deceived!

Lord God, give us a deeper hunger for your Word that we would allow You to penetrate our hearts and set us on fire to demonstrate to all the world that You are a faithful God who desires to fulfill Your promises to all who believe in You. May we carry Your Word in our hearts and spread it through what we do. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.
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